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1 1860 census shows James and Emily living in Meddybemps next door to his brothers, Martin and Solomon, with his widowed mother living with Solomon. Emily’s parents are also close by. Living Meddybemps with Emily and 6 children at 1870 census. Still living Meddybemps with Emily and children 1880. Unable to read or write per 1910 census when noted to be 73 and living Prentiss with son Jon Amos. Son John Amos death cert. states James as his father who was born in Charlotte, ME. Living with son, John Amos and family in Prentiss in 1910. Daughter, Gertie Mary is next door. Wife Emily is living with daughter, Elmina nearby. Living with grandson, Chester, in Prentiss at 1920 census age 89. CHUBBUCK, James III (I6000000001722367595)
2 1880 census living with parents in Carroll. 1900 census notes mother of 6 children, 5 living.
Alt. DOB 1876. 
MCLAUGHLIN, Alma Maria (I6000000001722365914)
3 1900 living in Carroll, Me. at time of census. 1910 and 1920 living with his family in Duluth, MN. at time of census. CHUBBUCK, Charles (I6000000001722376586)
4  FROST, Jeremiah (I6000000020447369495)
5  THOMPSON, Sarah (I6000000020447450327)
6  BAILEY, Jacob Bridges (I6000000001722472343)
7  SCOTT, Simeon (I3239257)
8  THOMPSON, George Mitchell (I6000000004237887220)
9  THOMPSON, George Mitchell (I6000000004237887220)
10  THOMPSON, James (I6000000004238187788)
11  THOMPSON, Betsey (I6000000004237981322)
12  THOMPSON, Fanny (I6000000004237961058)
13  THOMPSON, Fanny (I6000000004237961058)
14  THOMPSON, George (I6000000004237914833)
15  SEAVEY, Hannah (I6000000004237910307)
16  THOMPSON, George (I6000000004237914833)
17  THOMPSON, Ruth (I6000000025332644758)
18  SEAVEY, Hannah (I6000000004237910307)
19  SEVEY, George Sr. (I6000000164088625013)
20  SCOTT, Ruth (I3551848)
21  THOMPSON, Frances (I3741267)
22  THOMPSON, Frances (I3741267)
23  SCOTT, Sarah (I3551870)
24  SCOTT, Sarah (I3551870)
25  SEAVEY, Joseph Henry (I6000000004238135811)
26  SEAVEY, Sarah (Sally) (I6000000009147241247)
27  SEAVEY, Sarah (Sally) (I6000000009147241247)
28  THOMPSON, George (I3998750)
29  SEVEY, George Sr. (I6000000164088625013)
30  SEAVEY, John (I6000000004238149023)
31  SEAVEY, John (I6000000004238149023)
32  SEAVEY, Elizabeth "Betsey" (I6000000004238082241)
33  SEVEY, Mary (I6000000004237914606)
34  SEVEY, Mary (I6000000004237914606)
35  SEVEY, Aaron (I6000000004237920998)
36  SEVEY, Aaron (I6000000004237920998)
37 ? may have d. in childbirth. BRIGGS, Mary Blanche (I6000000001722383472)
38 After her sister, Eva, died, she had a child by Eva’s husband, Alvra Butters. They were never married. CHUBBUCK, Maybelle (I6000000001722376755)
39 AKA Birdie. CHUBBUCK, Mary Blanche (I6000000001722376681)
40 All children b. Alexander except Eliza, b. Baileyville. Three sons m. 3 Craft sisters. BAILEY, Nathaniel III (I6000000001722464307)
41 Alt. DOB Dec. 15, 1891. Buried with his parents, sister Lottie, and brother Joshua at Lindsay Cemetery, Carroll, Me. CHUBBUCK, Emerson (I6000000001722367509)
42 Alt. DOB MAr 19, 1912 per Cheryl Marsh. MCLAUGHLIN, Elgin (I6000000001722386224)
43 Alt. DOB per Cheryl Marsh July 8, 1917. MCLAUGHLIN, Joshua Adelbert Jr. (I6000000001722386352)
44 Alt. DOB Sept. 23, 1790. FROST, Jane (I6000000001722458438)
45 Alt. places of birth Gagetown, Queens, N.B. FROST, Jeremiah (I6000000020447369495)
46 Baptised Nov. 10, 1752 First Church of Berwick. FROST, Jerusha (I6000000001722458068)
47 birth place per son, John Amos death cert. MEvr. Alternate birthplace Tower Hill, St. Stephen, NB. per Bangor Daily Commercial article. Moved to Meddybemps at age 4. Living in Calais with her family at time of 1850 census. Acted as midwife for a number of relatives and neighbors as listed on birth certificates. Living Prentiss with daughter Almina at 1910 census. Husband James lives just up the road with son John Amos. Living Topsfield with daughter Addie 1924. MCLAUGHLIN, Emeline Emily (I6000000001722367641)
48 Cause of death La Gripe MCLAUGHLIN, Nellie (I6000000001722386191)
49 Cause of death, accidental shooting. MCLAUGHLIN, Ralph (I6000000001722386307)
50 Cause of death, Cholera Infantum MCLAUGHLIN, Thursa A. (I6000000001722386244)

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